Fall 2018 Redesign!

Last week, someone called to discuss a potential music direction gig. My heart sank the moment they were like, “Miss Bouzy Rouge! That looks like a lot of fun!” — not because I’m not proud of my work with Sarah Goussé, but because I’d not thought about this website for over two years.


And a lot has changed in the last two years: I left my nonprofit office management job, I began writing professionally, and I did a bunch of cool music things… plus, I’ll have some exciting stuff to share soon. It’s well past time for a reboot.

So, in the spirit of “Done is better than perfect,” I’m relaunching, imperfectly, with the intention of making this site a real home for all my work online. And just in time for fall!

Woman laughing in leaves

I’ve customized some new logos, I’ve thrown up a header image taken by my friend DM Salsberg, and I’m working on setting up a new mailing list (subscribe here!) to keep folks in on the latest.

My goal is to keep you informed and entertained, so feel free to leave feedback if you’ve got something to share! 😘

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