Sabrina: Queer Horror Stories at Tilt

Girl with birthday cake and candles with show information
Sabrina: Queer Horror Stories, October 31, 8pm, Tilt (248 McKibbin St)

Sabrina: Queer Horror Stories

I’ve been asked to tell a queer horror story as part of Ryan Houlihan’s annual Halloween storytelling event at Tilt!

It’s your 16th birthday and you’re finally getting your (queer) powers. Come celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with your favorite teenage witch and hear horrifyingly hilarious stories about queerness from some of the best LGBTQ writers, performers, and comedians.

Including stories by: Ryan Houlihan, Jenna Bloom, Gabe Bergado, Rosa Escandón, Kyle Turner, Patricia Theresa McCarthy, Andy Ward, Adam Moussa, Karl Saint Lucy, Jamison Daniels, Maggie Larkin, John Ersing, Emily Breeze

October 31, 2018, 8pm | Tilt (248 McKibbin St, Brooklyn)